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Did you ever wonder how the UK Political System works in fact? While doing the test About the Life in the UK one of the questions subjects can be this. What you need to know? The United Kingdom is a parliamentary democracy. As a parliamentary democracy the government is voted into power by the people, to act in the interests of the people. ‘Universal Suffrage’ every adult has the right to vote. Alongside this system, the UK is also a constitutional monarchy. This is a situation where there is an established monarch, we believe you know who is, because is everywhere (souvenirs, Continue Reading

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For all applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) under the Tier 2 Points-Based System (PBS) in the UK will receive their passports, and their Biometric Residence Permits (BRP), back before a decision has been made on their application under a new service launched yesterday, 6 May 2014. The passport return service working days within 7 – 10 days of their application being created by the Home Office. Customers applying under this category are reminded that applications may be submitted up to 28 days before current leave expires. There is no need to request its return to Passports and BRPs, they will be returned Continue Reading

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Who could imagine that Kenya with 83% Christian people (source: The Republic of Kenya) have now signed the polygamy law. << Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has signed into law a controversial marriage bill legalising polygamy. >>, BBC NEWS AFRICA 29 April 2014 (online version) This legalisation of polygamy, allow to marry as many partner as they wish without consulting other spouses. What do you think about this?

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To the question of whether the new human rights rules introduced on 9 July 2012 apply to applications made before that date: they do not. In specific, it is improper to apply rule 276ADE on long residence to applications that were already outstanding at the date the new rule came into force. Quoting Colin Yeo, a barrister specialising in UK immigration law at Garden Court Chambers in London: << In his leading judgment, Jackson LJ explain clearly that a decision referring in passing to the new rule will not naturally  be improper: A mere passing reference to the 20 years requirement in the new rules Continue Reading

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Yashika Bageerathi can say  “I am a survivor!”. Why?! Well, Yashika came to the UK at the age of 16 with her family and is a model student at Oasis Academy Hadley in Enfield, north London. Now with 18 years old, she almost got deported to Mauritius and with her studies unfinished. Across UK the massive support from her teachers, classmates even supermodels have made the difference. << In a letter to home minister Theresa May, the 22,000 petitioners said “We, the undersigned, refuse to accept that this is an appropriate, compassionate or logical course of action. We call upon May to Continue Reading

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A report looking at the removals process at the Home Office has just been published by The Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration. But, what it is in fact the removals? Well,  “administrative removals” or just “removals” apply to the loads of cases involving the obligatory removal of non-citizens who had entered the country illegally or trickily, or stayed in the country longer than their visa permitted, or otherwise violated the conditions of their leave to remain in the UK. The report isn’t kind at all for Home Office and appointed them as no skills and no qualifications for the Continue Reading

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Immigration incursions found to be unauthorised in two thirds of the cases. The report on immigration enforcement by the Home Office and, made by the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, John Vine found to be 59% of the cases to be unauthorised entering business premises and not making use of  the internal guidance. This is alarming! It looks like unprofessional that those who should do the enforcing immigration laws are in order to not practice them.

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Video encourages students from China to study at UK universities. If you are from China and you are interested to come to UK and study, please contact us, in iam (immigration and migration), we can help you. The Tier 5 UK Youth Mobility Scheme is available for this cases. The Chinese video follows a film shot in India last year. We Are International showcases the commitment UK universities have made to recognise the value of international students. The video has already been supported and shared by more than 80 UK universities.

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A written ministerial statement has been laid in Parliament outlining a number of changes to the Immigration Rules, on Thursday 13 March 2014. The following changes, will come into effect only on 6 April 2014, introduce better flexibility for businesses and support growth. Changes include: • Expanding the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) category to allow applications from those in the digital sector, who are endorsed by Tech City UK as a leading talent; • Making it easier for applicants in the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) category to apply from overseas, and to count time spent in other immigration categories towards Continue Reading

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From 5 May 2014, Venezuelans nationals travelling to the UK will need to apply for visa, including holders of biometric passports. The existing visa requirements to work, to study (for more than six months) and for family migration will not change, they will remain the same. Applicants should apply for their visa online. Applicants will book an appointment online in order to submit supporting documents and biometric data in person at the Visa Application Centre, located in the British Embassy, Caracas. The cost of a six-month multiple entry visit visa is £80 the equal to 874 bolivars. For the other cases Continue Reading